In the spring of 2021, we completed our commercialization project with Innovation Norway. During the same period, we conducted a research project with NORCE. Based on this work, we have created a video that we post here. The next step will be to complete the design of a cage adapted to cod farming. Then functional test in the sea and test tank to finally test in 12 week cycles with live Cod. We work with location in Flekkefjord together with a breeder. The municipality and Statsforvalteren are positive to these plans.

When the pilot is conducted with positive result we hope to have a cage adjustable to Laks, Torsk and Kveite.

Watch the video below for how Søylen (The cage) is supposed to work.

Center Column er en forskningsrapport bestilt av Fiskevelferd og delfinansiert av Forskningsmobilisering Agder.

Vi har fått verifisert 13 påståtte forbedringer av dagens tradisjonelle merder.

Nå gjenstår pilotering og kommersialisering.

Rapport fra Aquatraz som også bekrefter flere av de forbedringspunktene/løsningene vi legger opp til.

Dagens nyheter is a fixtion from the future